Nature Photographer from Summit County, Colorado

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**New article in the Summit Daily News about my Photography:

Daniel McVey is a resident member of the Denver Photo Art Gallery at 833 Santa Fe Dr in Denver, Colorado, an Antzl Project Photographer, and citizen of Silverthorne, Colorado in Summit County. I first became interested in photography when I was in high school. I was very interested in art but due to some trouble I got into at the high school (and to this day I swear, all I did was laugh) I was banned from art classes. Instead of art I took Photography and Print Shop Classes which helped to shape the adult portion of my  life.

After high school I did not take many pictures until I bought my first digital camera which was an aim and shoot by Kodak.  I began to shoot more and more and eventually felt that I had outgrown the camera and wanted to be able to do things not possible on my camera like shoot a meteor shower, the moon, stars, etc, so I bought a dslr and couple lenses which I am currently using and began to teach myself the things that I forgot and the things unknown to me with a little help from John Fielder’s book, Landscape Photography: The Art of Seeing and a Photoshop class I took here at Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge.

Today I enjoy shooting the night sky, landscapes, wildlife, and just about anything I can point my camera at.

I recently was awarded a Resident Artist space at the Denver Photo Art Gallery where I have my photos hung among some of the great photographers in Colorado and all over, including John Fielder. This is a huge honor for me.

I am also currently a featured photographer at the Antzl Project Gallery and my photos have been used by Local Companies such as Pine Ridge Condominiums, the Petal and Bean, and Summit Mountain Weddings. My photos have also appeared in such internet publications as the Summit County Voice, Earthsky.Org, Mtn Town Magazine, and LandscapePhotographyMagazine.Com Issue #14 as well as in their short tutorial on shooting sunsets found on LandscapePhotographyMagazine.Com ‘s website.

You can find me on these Social Networks:

Facebook at Photography by Daniel McVey. In addition to my blog and daily photos, there will also be special offers for my facebook fans from time to time on prints and calendars.

D McVey on Google +     D McVey on Flickr      D McVey on Twitter     D McVey on 500px     D McVey on 72dpi      D McVey on Linked-In

The following are websites that I have been featured on:

The Antzl Project Gallery     Creattica     Summit Mountain Weddings     Pine Ridge Condominiums

Summit County Voice      LandscapePhotographyMagazine.Com

In addition, I now offer small group and private camera lessons / instruction in my free time. If you or anybody you know may be interested in Photography lessons for beginners to intermediates, please Contact me with the form above.