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Seen on NASA's Space.Com: Astro Photography Image: Sirius, Orion, Aldebaran, Jupter, PleiadesSummit County, Colorado Astro Photographer, Daniel McVey is ecstatic to announce that the Winter Lights picture  (Bright Points L to R: Sirius – Canis Major, the Orion Constellation, Aldebaran – Taurus, Jupiter – Planet, and the Pleiades or 7 sisters – Star Cluster) was chosen as NASA’s Space.Com “Image of the Day” for Thursday, February 7, 2013.  As Im sure you can imagine, this is very exciting for me. I have appeared on some articles about celestial events but never have one on my pictures been singled out. Thank You Space.Com

This same image was broadcast this morning on Denver’s CBS 4 News broadcast. Unfortunately I was not aware that it was going to air and I did not see the broadcast.

Also this week, I had a pair of photos run on the coveted Timeline of Megashot.Net on Facebook. Thank You Megashot for your shares!


  1. RACHEL QUEENIN July 11, 2013 at 6:34 pm #

    How wonderful, and how may I obtain a copy?

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