Denver Photo Art Gallery

Daniel McVey at Denver Photo Art Gallery

Daniel McVey at Denver Photo Art Gallery

Recently I was bestowed with the honor of an invitation to what is to me, the most prestigious Gallery in all of Denver: The Denver Photo Art Gallery. Why? because my photos share the same line of sight as my favorite photographer’s images: John Fielder. This is the first Art Gallery that I have had a chance to be a part of and I am loving it.

The gallery has a rotating exhibit which is currently John Fielder’s Students and prior to was a photo display with images from the recent Fires in Colorado. The space hosts several cutting edge photographers from Landscape – Hood Ornaments and Wildlife to Light Painting. It really is an eclectic group of artists which I still can’t believe that I am a part of….

On the First Friday of every month, the Denver Arts District hosts their Art Walk. The streets fill up with people, vendors, and artists showing and selling their work. Its a great way to see some local art and meet the people behind the vision. I love getting a chance to talk about my photography. DanielMcVey-8626

I still have the months of February and March in my current contract of Residency. I hope you will come down to a First Friday event to meet me and see my photographs as they were intended, LARGE.

The Gallery is located at 833 Santa Fe Dr in Denver Colorado and is currently open from 9 – 5  Tuesday – Saturday. Closed on Sunday and Monday.

The Gallery will open on a First Friday Art Walk from 9 – 9.

Info on June 7 Art Walk


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