2015 Colorado Night Sky Landscape Calendars

I am super excited to announce the Pre-Order of my 2015 Summit County, Colorado Night Sky and Landscape Calendars . This is the 5th annual Calendar !!!!

Images include Milky Way, Moon, Sunsets, and more from Summit County and Surrounding Areas here in the High Country of Colorado.

This 12 x 18 Calendar is printed on High Quality Stock, with State of the Art Digital Printers in Denver, Colorado USA. Proud to support American Jobs in Colorado. Ive Photographed and Designed all portions of this calendar and have included not only all major holidays but moon cycle information and Popular Full Moon Names.

These Calendars make wonderful gifts as they present as a “Work of Art” more than a Calendar and far Surpass in Quality and Craftsmanship any Calendar that can be purchased at your local “Big Box” store from an Overseas Printer. 

Discounts for higher quantities ordered. This year I am happy to announce a Combo Deal with any 16 x 20 Double Matted – Frame Ready Print (Image of your Choice) and another Combo with the Purchase of 10 Holiday Cards. More Info on Holiday Cards.

Pre-Ordered Calendars will arrive in Mid to Late October.

Pre-Order 2015 Calendar


Summit County Nightscapes Frisco Main Library Youth Presentation Roundup

Summit Nightscape

Big thanks to Jane and all the librarians at the Summit County Main Branch Library in Frisco, Colorado for inviting me down to share my Night Sky (Astrophotography) Photographs. The Summit County Nightscapes Kids Presentation went off extremely well despite some early hurdles that had me going back and forth to the library to “Fine Tune” the slideshow portion of the show.

This Summit County Nightscapes presentation is an all ages Family friendly lecture / slideshow presentation I put together which includes

  • Frisco Main Library PresentationShort bio on the photographer
  • the Sky as a Calendar including an in depth look at the Lunar Calendar 
  • 5 Visible Planets
  • the Origin of the Original Constellations
  • the North Star, how to find it, and Circum-Polar Stars
  • Mythology from various cultures on Orion, Pleiades, Scorpius, Milky Way, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, and more….
  • other events such as Meteor Showers, Lunar Eclipses, Solar Eclipses, Transit of Venus, and more….

Stay tuned for information on upcoming presentations in the Winter of 2015 for the Breckenridge South Branch Library Youth Presentation, and an Adult Presentation at the Summit County Main Branch Library in Frisco, Colorado.

Interested in having this speech given for your library, social club, or other? Please send me a message from my CONTACT FORM.



James Clerk Maxwell Telescope JCMT Mauna Kea Hawaii Presentation Doug Johnstone



Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 5.32.08 PM

Big Thanks to Doug Johnstone, associate director of the James Clerk Maxwell telescope – JCMT on the Big Island of Hawaii for contacting me to use some of my Mauna Kea images in his recent lecture about the discoveries of the JCMT. Its a huge honor for me to have my images included in this presentation. Thank you!


Background – Just over a year ago I was privileged to be the Best Man in a good friends wedding on the Big Island of Hawaii. After the wedding, a friend and I drove to the Summit of Mauna Kea where there are several large telescopes that were conducting research while I went about my business, trying to capture the night sky (while surrounded by an amateur astronomers dream). We watched the first quarter moon set from nearly 14,000ft, the Milky Way fill in, and lasers from the Keck Observatory. It was truly on the shortlist of favorite places I have ever been.

A couple months ago, Doug approached me about using some of my images in his presentation. How could I say no !?! What a great opportunity for me to share my photos and with purpose. Thanks again Doug!



Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Summit County Colorado Nightscape

Northern Lights Colorado


I caught this photo on May 4, 2014 and when it first showed up in my camera, I assumed it was strange light pollution that resembled Aurora. After speaking to a few friends, I decided to submit this image to NOAA.

I wrote: I captured this on May 4, 2014 at 12:30am looking North from near Fremont Pass. The pink was not clearly visible to my eyes but was being recorded from my camera. I automatically assumed it was some form of light pollution until I showed it to a friend who photos Aurora and he says it could be but couldn’t say. Is there any way to check on past Geo-Magnetic activity and if its possible that this could be Aurora?

Rodney Viereck – NOAA Federal
wow, you might be right. If so, that would be aurora visible (sort of) with only moderate activity. If you look at this page http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ftpdir/lists/geomag/201405AK.txt
you can scroll down to the 4 May block and see that a few of the stations were seeing activity and the planetary K index (third line from the bottom) showed values up to 4 right when you were looking. This is on a scale of 0 to 9 so it was not a very big storm.

The red you photographed is hard to see with the naked eye. But it typically shines at the very tops of the auroral rays making it observable from long distances. You were probably seeing the tops of aurora that was actually over Canada.





Astrophotography and Landscapes on Google Plus



Colorado Nightsky on G+

Astrophotography and Landscapes by Daniel McVey on G+


Summit County Photographer on G+

Ive started a new Artist Page on Google Plus (G+) which I am really excited about. Compared to Facebook, G+ has higher quality resolution to images posted making it a great place for photographers to showcase their work.

Yes, the Facebook page will remain active however I recommend G+ users to give the page a Follow for more Newsfeed Visibility and Better Over-All Experience through Higher Quality.



Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Colorado Astrophotography Night Sky

Photos of the Blood Moon

Composite Image – Roughly 3.5 hours from Full Moon to Total Lunar Eclipse

Astrophotography in Summit County, Colorado: “Metamorphosis of a Blood Moon” – The first of four Blood Moons or Total Lunar Eclipses in the next couple of years has come and gone. This is a a wide angle composite image from Full Moon to Total Eclipse taken over the Town of Frisco. The scene spans roughly 3 to 3.5 hours.

I feel happy to come out with some kind of a shot out of it. The scene went down almost as planned however, my heavy backpack and abundant layers led to overheating on my snowshoe in. I was forced to strip off my upper base layer in single digit temps and wipe all the sweat off my body so that I could endure the next 4 hours minus one layer…

That was just the beginning of mishaps including telephoto lens malfunction, dropping a 24mm lens in the snow, and more….. Maybe this moon is cursed! or maybe I had a bad night.

HD Slideshow – the Earth, the Moon, and the Stars



Colorado Night Sky Astrophotography Moonscape Landscape Slideshow

In preparation for my Childrens Presentation on Astrophotography, Mythology, and Astronomy I have been experimenting with different presentation software. In doing so, I built a brand new HD Slideshow titled the Earth, the Moon, and the Stars (2014) of Colorado Astrophotography (Night Sky / Nightscapes) , Lunar or Moon scapes, and Landscapes.

The YouTube Version embeded here is available in up to 720p HD  and recommended for Full Screen Viewing.

Simply use the Gear icon below to select 720p HD or desired resolution.

Then click the Box icon next to the gear for Full Screen.

Music by Balmorhea.


the Earth, the Moon, and the Stars



Mars Rising Milky Way Rising CBS 4 Denver Space-Com Colorado

Spectacular Night Sky Images April 2014 Space.Com

Mars and Spica w. Selfie


I’m proud to announce that another one of my Mars Rising images has made it onto Space.Com’s Spectacular Night Sky Photos for April 2014 . This image features Mars, Spica, the Snowy Upper Ten Mile Range, and a #Selfie of me in the field pointing at the bright orange planet. Mars is at its closest approach for the next several years so please get out there and see it. It is currently rising at sunset and setting at sunrise.





Milky Way Rising Denver Colorado

Milky Way Rising – Atlantic Peak





Also, I am glad to announce that Milky Way Rising – Atlantic Peak was listed on CBS 4 Denver – You Report Gallery for Spring 2014. Thanks CBS Denver!!!!! This is one of my first Dark Sky images of the Milky Way this year but I look forward to catching more.


Earth, Moon, and Stars Slideshow Updated



Mars Spica Corvus Crow Earthsky SpaceCom Astrophotography Sumco

Mars Spica Corvus the Crow Daniel McVey Space.Com

Daniel McVey on Space.Com


Mars, Spica, and Corvus the Crow – Colorado

I am excited to say  Mars, Spica, and Corvus the Crow from Fremont Pass in Colorado made the Image of the Day at Earthsky.Org and also the April 2014 list of Spectacular Night Sky Photography on Space.Com.

Big thanks to Larry C Sessions for helping me with the diagram because although the chart of the nightsky was NOT lying to me, I felt perhaps it was indeed…… Thanks Larry!


Mars, Spica, and Corvus the Crow

Daniel McVey on Eathsky.Org

In other news,  this Friday is First Friday. I hope to see you at the Denver Photo Art Gallery on April 4. A new artist will be debuting, new upcoming artist exhibit debuting, and 2 new artists last month…… Ill be there from 630pm – 10pmish at 833 Santa Fe Dr in the Denver Arts District. Click for more info.

I have been in talks with the Forest Service for acquiring permits / insurance for Night Photography Workshops in the White River National Forest. I was looking to the end of June for the first class. I have not made an official announcement but any people who are interested in attending please Contact Me. Class size will be limited to 6 students.

Finally in preparation for the Children’s Presentation on Summit County Nightscapes I have been experimenting with lots of slideshow / presentation software. I put together a nice slide show which will be viewable from YouTube which I am very excited to share.

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Summit County Nightscapes Childrens Show Frisco Library Colorado

Summit County Nightscape Children Presentation Kids Show on Astrophotgraphy, Science, and Mythology at the Summit County Frisco Library

Announcing the Summit County Nightscapes Children’s Presentation at the Summit County – Frisco Library on July 2, 2014. This will be a slideshow presentation with a little bit of Science and Mythology included which is aimed at PreSchool to 5th grade Ages.

I will be using an expanded version of the Youth Presentation I gave last August at the Backstage Theatre in Breckenridge where I talk about the mythology and relationship of Orion, the Pleiades, and Scorpius / the Summer Milky Way. We will talk about the star forming region known as the Great Rift and the Mayans beliefs about this area. Im going to expand the lecture to talk lightly about the Nightsky as a Calendar and touch briefly on Lunar Cycles and Full Moon Names……..

This is just part of the Space themed festivities when former NASA consultant and Astronomer Kevin Manning presents “Astronomy for Everyone: Size and Scale of the Universe workshop with assorted visuals. For more info please check out  www.lookuptothestars.com .

Stay Tuned for more info regarding the show as events develop. Big Thanks to Summit County Moms !

PS – I just got in some overstock calendars if anybody still needs one.

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