Summit County Nightscapes North Branch Library Silverthorne Colorado

Summit Nightscape

On March 27 at the Summit County North Branch Library (Silverthorne Library) from 7pm – 830pm I will be giving my Summit County Nightscapes Presentation. The slideshow presentation features my Astrophotography from Summit County while I talk about Mythology in the Nightsky, Backyard Astronomy, the Sky as a Calendar, Archaeo Astronomy and more.

Diagram of Scorpius and the Milky Way

What: Summit County Nightscapes

Where: The North Branch Library is located at 651 Center Circle in Silverthorne, Colorado 970-468-5887

When: March 27 from 7pm -8:30pm

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2015 Summit County Colorado Calendars Sold Out

Summit County Colorado CalendarWOW!!!

The fastest sell out of Calendars in the 5 years since I have started making them! Big Thank you to everybody who Pre-Ordered a copy and to those who have recently purchased a copy.

This year something new happened. I made a deal with the Frisco Lodge on Main St in Frisco, Colorado to make Calendars with the Lodge logo on the cover. Susan, owner of the lodge came up with the idea and we ran with it. When I saw Susan last she said they they were selling really quick but she still had copies For Sale.  

Additional copies can be obtained from fine retailers such as the  Colorado Mountain Art Gallery in Georgetown across the street from the Hotel de Paris and also at the Denver Photo Art Gallery at 833 Santa Fe Dr in Denver (til the end of November). 

The Next Page Bookstore in Frisco also has copies while they last.

I would like to thank Maria Albertson for several Proof Readings of the Calendar. I could not have done it without your help. I would also like to thank Mark Vincent, my project manager for his patience and putting up with me through the process. One more successful year in the books.

There has been some talk of doing a RePrint due to the Supply and Demand difference. If this should happen it will include only Pre-Ordered Calendars (and we need at least 100). You can put your name on the list by using the Contact Form.

Frisco Lodge Summit County

Colorado Life Magazine 7 Stunning Winter Night Landscapes

Colorado Life Magazine November / December 2014


I recently was fortunate enough to have some of my Night Photography featured in Colorado Life Magazine November / December 2014 Issue in an article that lures the reader with 7 Stunning Night Landscapes on the cover.

The spread, which was entitled Colorado Winter Nights showcases 3 of my images which followers of the page may recognize as Sirius and Orion over the Gore Range, Denver by Moonlight, and 5 Degrees on the Blue River.

The entire spread is gorgeous and captures the beauty of Colorado’s Winter Nights with photos from 4 other Amazing Colorado Photographers.

This publication is available at News Stands or at ColoradoLifeMagazine.Com

Big Thanks to Tad Bowman Photography for telling me about the call for artists!

Summit Foot Ankle Frisco Colorado Photos Daniel McVey

Colorado Fine Art Black and White b/w Monochrome Photography



As far back as I can remember, I have always felt lots of pressure on my feet. I recently went down to Eagle-Summit Foot and Ankle office in Frisco, Colorado where I met Dr Brian Maurer to see about getting pair of orthotics.

After chatting with Dr Maurer for a while it came up that I was a photographer and I passed him my card. When it came time to do the Orthotic fitting etc. Dr Maurer came into the room saying how much he enjoyed my photographs and the next thing I knew, I was walking back into the office with some art I had at home.

The office ended up taking all 4 framed photographs I brought down including 2 from the Gore Range Monochrome Series and 2 Light Painted scenes with Orion in one and the Milky Way in the other.From what I understand from the staff, patients have really been enjoying the Large Prints. Big Thank You to Dr Maurer and all his staff for their help with my feet and the huge show of support for my photography. 

Colorado Nightscape Astrophotography Fine Art Photography 



Denver Photo Art Gallery Final First Friday

Astronomy Pictures Denver Photo Art Gallery

Early Display at DPAG

After 2+ years with the Denver Photo Art Gallery I am announcing my Final First Friday. Ive had a blast being a Resident Artist at the gallery and am grateful for all the opportunities that have been afforded to me.

Most every First Friday for the past 2+ years I have been at the gallery at 833 (8th and Santa Fe) Santa Fe in the Art District to meet visitors to the gallery and talk about my art. Every month a new experience in itself and a part of my life I will miss.

One of my favorite parts of being a Resident Artist has been interacting with the other photographers in the gallery. It has been a huge honor standing with so many talented photographers and hearing about their tricks and experience.

Another great experience was getting to meet John Fielder who not only owns the gallery but is one of my own favorite Landscape Photographers. If you read any of the early blogs or interviews when I first entered the gallery you might remember that I taught myself most to many of the things that I know to one of Fielders Books – Photographing the Landscape: The Art of Seeing.

I am looking forward to new opportunities that await down the road including more Presentations, Portraits under the Stars, as well as Private Instruction / Workshops.

Thank you to the Past and Present staff at the gallery who have always been supportive.

2015 Milky Way Calendar

Photo Etching Lisa Mallory Joint Project

Photo Etching at Denver Photo Art Gallery

Lisa G Mallory at Denver Photo Art Glry

I am thrilled to be collaborating with fine art photographer, Lisa Garness Mallory. 

Lisa takes her work to a new level with what she describes as hand etched photography.

For this project, Lisa selected one of my night sky (Daniel McVey) photographs. She is allowing us to follow her progress as she etches my photo.


Q: Lisa, Can you tell us a little bit about the process of “Etching”?


In 2009 I created my process of using needles and wood carving tools to hand etch my photography.

My background is fine art. But in 2008 I fell in love with digital photography. I wanted to find a way to combine both mediums. So I started using needles to hand etch on my photos. The needles worked well. I also tried wood carving tools and was pleased with the results from both tools.

I am considered a pioneer forging new ground in fine art photography. I define my art as contemporary, yet “edgy.”

Q: What inspired you to do your first etching? And when did you feel this could be the course of your fine art photography career?

Photo Etching by LGMA: My inspiration for etching is mainly my love for nature subjects. I etch other subjects as well. But I have a deep respect for nature, and I feel a spiritual connection with those subjects.

Along with editing in photo programs, I wanted to enhance my work with more, texture, light, depth, color and line, by hand etching. Each white line is my hand etched mark.

After winning several photography awards locally and several internationally, I knew this would be my artist journey for life.

Q: I was fortunate to see your exhibit, Colorado Etched Photography, at the Denver Photo Art Gallery in August / September 2014. I was blown away by the textures in your etchings.

I understand you were on PBS, and recently approached by a gallery in NYC.

Can you tell us more about that?


Yes, in June of this year I was a featured artist on PBS in their Arts District program .

I had the time of my life! They filmed me in 3 locations, Denver Botanic Gardens where I photographed orchids, Caribou Art Gallery in Denver where my work was in a large solo exhibit, and a lengthy interview in my studio. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce my etching process to the public.

I was contacted by a NYC gallery manager who saw my work at Caribou Art Gallery in February.

I’ll know more before the end of the year. It would be wonderful to have work in galleries in NYC. I’m also scouting galleries in California and other states.

Q: Where currently can your work be seen?


I have been very busy with gallery exhibits this year. So this Fall and Winter I’ll be busy etching new and exciting work! But my work can be seen at my studio. I will have work in more shows and exhibits in 2015.

For interested buyers and collectors please contact me though my website!

Lisa approached me with the idea of collaborating and I was thrilled to say yes.

She chose one of my images called the “Tree of Life of an Ancient Bristlecone Tree piercing the Milky Way”. The title was inspired by the Maya who believed that the Tree of Life connected the Underworld, with Earth, and the Sky. I am reallyBristle Cone with Milky Way excited to follow along with Lisa’s process as she etches my photo. 

Q: Lisa, with the large selection of photos, why did you choose an Astro Image?


So far I have not tried night sky photography. You’re locally known for fantastic night sky and Milky Way images. I was attracted to this particular image for the lovely combination of the Milky Way, stars, and of course the tree. It will be a challenge and lots of fun to etch.

Q: Do you think this image will create new challenges or techniques in your etching?


I am happy you asked this question my answer is, yes.

My hand etched photography will continue to evolve as my imagination leads me to new and exciting subjects.

I hope to enhance and give even more life to your already beautiful image. It will be part of my artist journey, thank you Daniel!

Once the image is complete it will be available from Lisa’s website . Contact information for Lisa is on her website.

And 20% of the sale will be donated to the Keystone Science School to help children learn about Science. That puts a huge smile on my face as I even type this!!!!!

Thank You Lisa! Let’s get this started! You can follow the progress with the slideshow below

Stunning Calendar

2015 Calendar with Full Moon Names, Major Holidays, and more

2015 Colorado Night Sky Landscape Calendars

I am super excited to announce the Pre-Order of my 2015 Summit County, Colorado Night Sky and Landscape Calendars . This is the 5th annual Calendar !!!!

Images include Milky Way, Moon, Sunsets, and more from Summit County and Surrounding Areas here in the High Country of Colorado.

This 12 x 18 Calendar is printed on High Quality Stock, with State of the Art Digital Printers in Denver, Colorado USA. Proud to support American Jobs in Colorado. Ive Photographed and Designed all portions of this calendar and have included not only all major holidays but moon cycle information and Popular Full Moon Names.

These Calendars make wonderful gifts as they present as a “Work of Art” more than a Calendar and far Surpass in Quality and Craftsmanship any Calendar that can be purchased at your local “Big Box” store from an Overseas Printer. 

Discounts for higher quantities ordered. This year I am happy to announce a Combo Deal with any 16 x 20 Double Matted – Frame Ready Print (Image of your Choice) and another Combo with the Purchase of 10 Holiday Cards. More Info on Holiday Cards.

Pre-Ordered Calendars will arrive in Mid to Late October.

Pre-Order 2015 Calendar

Summit County Nightscapes Frisco Main Library Youth Presentation Roundup

Summit Nightscape

Big thanks to Jane and all the librarians at the Summit County Main Branch Library in Frisco, Colorado for inviting me down to share my Night Sky (Astrophotography) Photographs. The Summit County Nightscapes Kids Presentation went off extremely well despite some early hurdles that had me going back and forth to the library to “Fine Tune” the slideshow portion of the show.

This Summit County Nightscapes presentation is an all ages Family friendly lecture / slideshow presentation I put together which includes

  • Frisco Main Library PresentationShort bio on the photographer
  • the Sky as a Calendar including an in depth look at the Lunar Calendar 
  • 5 Visible Planets
  • the Origin of the Original Constellations
  • the North Star, how to find it, and Circum-Polar Stars
  • Mythology from various cultures on Orion, Pleiades, Scorpius, Milky Way, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, and more….
  • other events such as Meteor Showers, Lunar Eclipses, Solar Eclipses, Transit of Venus, and more….

Stay tuned for information on upcoming presentations in the Winter of 2015 for the Breckenridge South Branch Library Youth Presentation, and an Adult Presentation at the Summit County Main Branch Library in Frisco, Colorado.

Interested in having this speech given for your library, social club, or other? Please send me a message from my CONTACT FORM.

James Clerk Maxwell Telescope JCMT Mauna Kea Hawaii Presentation Doug Johnstone



Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 5.32.08 PM

Big Thanks to Doug Johnstone, associate director of the James Clerk Maxwell telescope – JCMT on the Big Island of Hawaii for contacting me to use some of my Mauna Kea images in his recent lecture about the discoveries of the JCMT. Its a huge honor for me to have my images included in this presentation. Thank you!


Background – Just over a year ago I was privileged to be the Best Man in a good friends wedding on the Big Island of Hawaii. After the wedding, a friend and I drove to the Summit of Mauna Kea where there are several large telescopes that were conducting research while I went about my business, trying to capture the night sky (while surrounded by an amateur astronomers dream). We watched the first quarter moon set from nearly 14,000ft, the Milky Way fill in, and lasers from the Keck Observatory. It was truly on the shortlist of favorite places I have ever been.

A couple months ago, Doug approached me about using some of my images in his presentation. How could I say no !?! What a great opportunity for me to share my photos and with purpose. Thanks again Doug!

Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Summit County Colorado Nightscape

Northern Lights Colorado


I caught this photo on May 4, 2014 and when it first showed up in my camera, I assumed it was strange light pollution that resembled Aurora. After speaking to a few friends, I decided to submit this image to NOAA.

I wrote: I captured this on May 4, 2014 at 12:30am looking North from near Fremont Pass. The pink was not clearly visible to my eyes but was being recorded from my camera. I automatically assumed it was some form of light pollution until I showed it to a friend who photos Aurora and he says it could be but couldn’t say. Is there any way to check on past Geo-Magnetic activity and if its possible that this could be Aurora?

Rodney Viereck – NOAA Federal
wow, you might be right. If so, that would be aurora visible (sort of) with only moderate activity. If you look at this page
you can scroll down to the 4 May block and see that a few of the stations were seeing activity and the planetary K index (third line from the bottom) showed values up to 4 right when you were looking. This is on a scale of 0 to 9 so it was not a very big storm.

The red you photographed is hard to see with the naked eye. But it typically shines at the very tops of the auroral rays making it observable from long distances. You were probably seeing the tops of aurora that was actually over Canada.